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Nwain March 2016 Pledge Drive!

Nwain March 2016 Pledge Drive! published on

March Pledge Drive

Dear Readers,

Nwain: The Knight Who Wandered Dream is created by one person (me).  It’s a surprising amount of work!  I spend over 40 hours a week doing work on the comic, from animating and writing to marketing and bug fixing.  It leaves me no time to work at a traditional 9-5 job.  To make ends meet, I occasionally take freelance illustration commissions.  Sadly that work isn’t steady, and it can take time away from Nwain.  There are better options out there.

Merchandise is one option.  At the Nwain Gumroad shop, you can buy Nwain-related items, or download digital goodies at a pay-what-you-want price–great for a one-time donation!  I also sell the physical items at conventions, such as the Evergreen Tabletop Expo in Tacoma (May 27-29) and possibly Geek Girl Con in Seattle (Oct 8-9).

Patreon is another option.  Patreon allows you to make monthly pledges.  Depending on your pledge level, I can send you rewards.  I like Patreon because it is very steady and low hassle.  An increase in support means I have funds for getting new merchandise printed or crafted.  The only catch is that my Patreon tends to grow slowly.

So that’s why I’m holding a pledge drive!  Like pledge drives for PBS, I’m doing a month-long reminder: if you’re interested in supporting Nwain, now is a great time!

Thank you,



Two Book Kickstarters You Might Be Interested In

Two Book Kickstarters You Might Be Interested In published on

First, I’m in the 1001 Knights Anthology with an illustration of Nwain & a short poem.  The goal is already reached, so this anthology will get printed; however, the only way to get a copy is through the kickstarter, or later through the artists who participated (such as me).

Second, Agents of The Realm is a webcomic I like to read!  You can help this magical-girl story get printed.

Patreon Milestone Met: Nwain Sketchbooks!

Patreon Milestone Met: Nwain Sketchbooks! published on

Patreon_Banner_76 rectangle_600x500_76_02

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for reaching the Monthly Digital Sketchbook milestone!  Hooray!

Here’s the first sketchbook pdf: Sketchbook October 2015.

This is the first in a monthly series of free collections of process art, concept sketches, and other things related to Nwain.  It’s a little peek behind the scenes.

The series will be available here on the Nwain website, on my Patreon, and on my Gumroad.  If you would like to support Nwain, but prefer to make a small one-time payment, you may pay what you want for the sketchbook through Gumroad.

The sketchbook is FREE and SHAREABLE under a creative commons license. Feel free to make backup copies, print, or share the file according to the license in the pdf.