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Updated Website!!

Updated Website!! published on No Comments on Updated Website!!

I’ve updated to start using https! That means it’s more secure. Please update your bookmarks to use https:// in the url.

While making this update, I ruined my theming!!! The comic still works, but everything’s a little uglier. I’ll fix it ASAP, but in the meantime, don’t worry! I’m still here and nothing’s irreparably broken.

Wallpaper: Paradzul’s Garden

Wallpaper: Paradzul’s Garden published on No Comments on Wallpaper: Paradzul’s Garden

Desktop Wallpaper

Paradzuls Garden Phone


Here’s a wallpaper for you! This is the Margravine Paradzul P’Lanssyr at her hobby, gardening.

This wallpaper was made available to supporters on my Patreon a few weeks early. If you want the occasional early goodie, please support the Nwain Webcomic Patreon.

Dragon Dodge on Kickstarter!

Dragon Dodge on Kickstarter! published on No Comments on Dragon Dodge on Kickstarter!

I did art for a board game called Dragon Dodge!

It’s a tile-placing, wizard-moving, dragon-dodging game. I painted the tiles; I painted the cards; I painted that sparkly wizard and that dodge-worthy dragon. Look at that spiky guy–you know you want to bring him home and then run away screaming.

Get a copy through the kickstarter, and save 15% off the retail price.

Happy birthday, Nwain! 3 years online.

Happy birthday, Nwain! 3 years online. published on No Comments on Happy birthday, Nwain! 3 years online.

Nwain Birthday 3 Years

Nwain: The Knight Who Wandered Dream launched 3 years ago today! Happy birthday, Nwain!

It’s taken hours of work and lots of effort, and I’m still going! We’re in the middle-ish of Chapter 3 right now. The majority of the cast has been revealed, and I’m excited to further develop them all and their relationships.

Patreon support helps me keep making Nwain!

Buy Nwain stuff on Gumroad (download free stuff too)!