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The story follows Nwain, a knight who wanders dreamland in search of home.  She fights monsters, joins tournaments, solves disputes, and helps others face their nightmares, until she must face her own.

Nwain is pronounced like “Wayne,” but with an N.


Nwain updates every other Tuesday!


To play animations, click the panel with a blue outline like this:blue_rectangle

When that animation is done, the next panel will have a blue outline.  You can rewatch any panel by clicking it again.

Some panels have multiple animations.  They’re labeled with dots like thisblue_circles_1full

The filled blue dot indicates the current animation in that panel.



Nwain is animated with gifs and HTLM5, using Photoshop and Edge Animate.


Fanart/Fanfiction/Cosplay/Etc. Policy:

I love fan stuff!  If you’re interested in making stuff, please go ahead!  Have fun!

If you’d like to sell your works, that’s great too!  Let me know and I can tell people about it on my blog.  If you expect to make a lot of money (over $500 in profit?), we can talk about licencing.  I want you to be protected.  Also I might want to give you an official “I support the creator” badge.


About the Creator:

I’m an artist and animator in Washington state.  You can find me in a few places around the web…

Contact: terranacliff at gmail

Portfolio website:





Thanks to:

Project Manager: Joni Jonston

Assistant Editors: Deunan Berkeley, Joni Jonston

Care, Feeding, & Partner in Crime: Jonathan C.