Twitter Topic: Color

I asked my twitter followers for a topic for a blog post. Rachel asked about color.


I mostly pick colors by experimenting, so this will be tricky to put into words.

The blue – greenish steel blue, or grayish sea blue – started as part of Nwain’s early design. The blue for her clothes and the black for her armor, I wanted these to reflect her connection to the night. She travels by night and is comfortable with darkness and shadows. Her skin, hair, and necklace are warmer hues, oranges, browns, and reds, to contrast with the blue and black. She is a complex character with a full range of emotion, most of which she keeps to herself. I wanted her color scheme to show that tension and mystery.

The setting is bright and oversaturated. It’s like a dreamworld, more color than solid. I want it to feel unreal. It’s vivid, alive, and a little abstract. So the colors are exaggerated. The sunrise on Page 4, for example, is red, orange, magenta, blue, and purple. That particular page is a turning point in the story, so it’s especially intense. The colors loudly fight for attention, like day is intruding on the night. It’s a sunrise, but it’s not a peaceful one. On that page, the colors are a clue there’s trouble ahead. The colors are part of the story.

That’s how it happens. The colors grow with the story.

  • Carol Cliff

    lovely – both the words the images